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Manufacturer of floor coverings.

Design this experience.
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Manufacturer of floor coverings.

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Manufacturer of floor coverings.

The highest standards

You know that the automotive sector places the very highest demand on suppliers. Do you have a carefully-built brand to maintain, where comfort, safety, appearance and innovation are important? In cooperation with fixed suppliers, Betap is the preferred supplier of such car manufacturers as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Landrover and Jaguar.

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Variation and volume

Flooring for living rooms; corridors and bedrooms; mats and carpets in every variant possible; stair coverings and garden applications. If you buy for a wholesale or chain company, Betap can make what your customers are looking for. Betap know the colour and appearance that fit the atmosphere of each home.

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Innovation surpasses nature

Doing better than Mother Nature herself is a difficult task. However, there is still high demand for artificial grass solutions around the world. Are you looking for landscaping products for your wholesale, chain or hardware company? Betap will be happy to surprise you with innovative artificial grass coverings that give even Mother Nature a run for her money.

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Quality per linear metre

The way guests experience trade fairs and shows starts underfoot. Betap delivers every type of floor covering to wholesalers and intermediaries, quickly and in the required volume. If necessary, we can also supply a practical, plastic protective cover so that, after build-up, the floor will still be spotless while waiting for the first visitors.

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Designed for intensive use.

Offices, hospitals, schools: places where a lot of people move around on foot demand special requirements for textile floor coverings. Requirements concerning both quality and appearance, because the many metres of floor space determine the atmosphere in a building. Betap combines the required quality with a huge range of options, in terms of colours and materials.

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What do you dream of? The best ideas occur when your market knowledge combines with our product knowledge.


Would you like to make the impossible possible? Use our R&D team as a nursery, where ideas become reality.


What does the market want? We ensure all our innovations meet your customers' needs and requirements.


Do you want assurance? We work with tight procedures and systems that guarantee this.

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Our showroom

Our biggest reference is our showroom. Every month we change our showroom by showing our newest innovations and products.

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Betap® Tufting B.V. is closing the loop

Carpet Recycling UK is pleased to be working with Betap on its latest Next-Gen carpets. Over the past two years, Betap has.. Read More

Myrical Collection

Nature and geometry are the inspiration for Betap’s five random collections. More information? Betap’s collection  

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