Endless versatility

Using the nonwoven technique, Betap mixes short fibres of polypropylene in any colour and/or colour combination and attaches them to strong floor textiles for endless applications. Nonwoven products are light and, through the use of various techniques, get a specific appearance and properties that are appropriate to the use.

Milestones Betap


Jb van Lente

Jb van Lente starts to make floorcovering products of rushes.



Jb van Lente starts Betap.


Biezenstraat 14

Betap built a new building with inside the first tuftingmachines.

1980 - 2006


Betap opens location Steenwijk.


The view of Genemuiden

Betap built a new building at the entrance of Genemuiden. A special view for the city of floorcovering.


Select Yarns

Betap expand with his own yarns production.



Betap expand with nonwovens.


New R&D-centre and showroom

A new way of developments and presentations is bundled together in a new building.

A soft invention

Betap developed a backing for tufted carpets using our nonwoven technique. A soft backing that makes upholstering easier and, unlike harder adhesive backings, does not damage the surface. This soft needle-punched backing also makes tufted carpets lighter in weight. An invention that has quickly found a market.

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