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Betap® Tufting B.V. is closing the loop. Several reports describe that the total carpet collected for recycling is approximately 3% worldwide. Most recycling is in fact down-cycling. The loop is far from being closed.

Now Betap has developed a full product range that can close the loop not only physically but also commercially by being attractive to recycling companies. Our new innovations are in fact made from one material group and thus have a higher rest value. Betap is focussing on the circular economy!

In 2018 Betap focused on creating specific products in every product segment. This was proudly presented at the Domotex ’19 fair this year. We named this range of fully recyclable products Next-Gen carpet by Betap®. With this range, we created a reduction in the carbon-footprint between 25% and 80%. These products are future proof and count for the next generation.

Betap has made this improvement on carbon-footprint measurable by partnering with Ecochain. This tool helps us to calculate the carbon footprint to work out the reduction in CO2.

  • Next-Gen Residential. This is our next generation Residential Carpet which is fully re-useable as it is made from top to bottom from one material group. No separation of layers and different material streams or landfill. Our Next-Gen Residential products are 100% recyclable with a reduction of 40% in the carbon footprint. A winning formula for the circular economy.
  • Next-Gen Exhibition. This is our next generation Exhibition Carpet. No bonding via latex but via fusion/melting fibers in the fiber formulation. Betap are willing to pick up the material after any exhibition or show and recycle it. Due to the rest value (material recovery value or value after use) and no cost for deposit for the exhibition organizer this product gives a better business case immediately and has the best carbon footprint as the product is fully circular and cradle to cradle. In the first installation and recovery, this gives a reduction of 30% in CO2 and will increase when the material is reused. A unique advantage for any exhibition organization; sustainability-wise and economically!
  • Next-Gen Automotive. This is our next generation Automotive Carpet which passes all the tough automotive requirements. This product is a 100% polyester product and thus a 100% recyclable product with a CO2-reduction of at least 55%. A leasing construction for this material with a “pay for use plan” can be easily created for our automotive partners!
  • Next-Gen Artificial grass. This is our next generation Artificial Grass product. A 100% recyclable product (with a take-back scheme) due to a completely new yarn bonding technology. This Technology creates a reduction in CO2 of 30% compared to the normal product. Would you want a sustainable product in your garden that doesn’t irritate Mother Nature? Betap has it!
  • Next-Gen Contract. This is our next generation Contract Carpet which is fully re-useable as it is made from top to bottom from one material group. No separation of layers and different material streams or landfill. Our Next-Gen Contract products are 100% recyclable (with a take-back scheme) with reduction in footprint of 80%; a product that is future proof!


Betap has been awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificate for several of its production procedures. The certification by ISO9001:2015 states that we manage our procedures properly. In fact, the ISO9001:2015 certificate is a management system guaranteeing the involvement of our management – certainly more than a plaque on the wall. The certificate confirms that we comply with all pertinent legislation and regulations. The demands of our customers are paramount. Last but not least, a commitment to improving ourselves is a key business motivation for us.

Environment – sustainability

At Betap, sustainability is more than just a word. Sustainability is loaded with meaning, through our ongoing efforts to improve and change procedures and products, and make them more sustainable besides.

First, we focus on energy management, making it the new normal in our operation. The procurement of raw materials and the methods of logistics are all effected. As manufacturers, we are always optimizing our procedures, every single day. At Betap, this has the best opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Energy management is not all that matters, though. Making procedures more sustainable is essential too. We have pioneering technology and machines to aid our manufacturing process, powder coating is just one example. This allows us to produce goods that consume far less energy. More importantly, combined with powder coating, we are now able to produce recyclable products.

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