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Betap has been awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificate for several of its production procedures. The certification by ISO9001:2015 states that we manage our procedures properly. In fact, the ISO9001:2015 certificate is a management system guaranteeing the involvement of our management – certainly more than a plaque on the wall. The certificate confirms that we comply with all pertinent legislation and regulations. The demands of our customers are paramount. Last but not least, a commitment to improving ourselves is a key business motivation for us.

Environment – sustainability

At Betap, sustainability is more than just a word. Sustainability is loaded with meaning, through our ongoing efforts to improve and change procedures and products, and make them more sustainable besides.

First, we focus on energy management, making it the new normal in our operation. The procurement of raw materials and the methods of logistics are all effected. As manufacturers, we are always optimizing our procedures, every single day. At Betap, this has the best opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Energy management is not all that matters, though. Making procedures more sustainable is essential too. We have pioneering technology and machines to aid our manufacturing process, powder coating is just one example. This allows us to produce goods that consume far less energy. More importantly, combined with powder coating, we are now able to produce recyclable products.

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